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Player Panel

The player panel is the core of CometPlayer, you will exit the whole player by closing it. This panel shows the current playing song’s information, namely the title, artist, and length. All the operating orders are done in this panel, which are volume control, play/stop, next/previous, and display of other 3 panels.

: Play

: Pause

: Play previous file

: Play next file

: On and off of playlist panel

: On and off of lyrics panel

: On and off of equalizer panel

: Volume controller

: Open files

: Minimize CometPlayer

: Exit CometPlayer

: shows the progress of playing file. Dragging the blue line within horizontal direction will forward/rewind the file.

Control Menu

appears when right-click the player panel

  • Play/Pause (space): Play or pause the playing file.
  • File Info (Ctrl+I): Click to see and edit file property, and to change album cover.
  • Play: Enables play/stop/go to previous/next song; and to open file from folders to play.
  • Volume: Turns the volume up/down/off.
  • Skin: Choose player skin from 3 preinstalled ones.
  • Panel: On and off of other 3 panels.
  • Always On Top: Ticking this option allows ComePlayer to appear on the top of the screen all the time.
  • Language: To switch the language of CometPlayer among Simplified/traditional Chinese, and English. Clicking on “Help Translation” will direct users to the online translation centre. Read more
  • Options (O): Opens options for more advanced settings. Read more
  • Exit: Exit CometPlayer and closes every panel.

File Info

File Properties: Contains all the information of selected audio file.

  • Label section: All information under this section can be changed.
  • Format section: Information under this section can only be viewed but not changed.
  • Clicking on the up arrow to access the file information of previous song in the playlist.
  • Clicking on the down arrow to access the file information of next song in the playlist.
  • After making changes, click on Save to File to save the change or Cancel to cancel the change.

Album Cover: Shows the picture used for album cover of selected audio file.

  • Add: To add an album cover by selecting a picture from a folder in your PC.
  • Remove: To remove the current album cover of the audio file.
  • Undo: To cancel the change you made just now.
  • If you added more than one album cover for an audio file, you can switch the pictures by clicking on the left/right arrow.
  • After making changes, click on Save to File to save the change or Cancel to cancel the change.

Playlist Panel

The playlist panel enables various song lists creation. You can select the songs you like, then drag and drop them into the playlist. Right-click the playlist panel will show the playlist menu, which allows you to add and remove songs, clear the whole list, and to edit the file property. Right-click the album cover will induce the option of cover replacement.

: Add files

: Remove files

: Find files

: Repeat mode

: Shuffle mode

Control Menu

Appears when right-click the playlist

  • Play: To play the selected song.
  • Add Files…: To add new audio files to playlist.
  • Add Folder…: To add a whole folder of audio files to playlist.
  • Remove From List (Del): Remove the selected audio file from playlist.
  • Clear List: Delete all files in the playlist.
  • Open Containing Folder: Open the containing folder of the selected audio file.
  • File Info (Ctrl+I): Click to see and edit file property, and to change album cover.

Lyrics Panel

The lyrics of the song you’re playing will be displayed in this panel. This function of CometPlayer helps you to learn the song quickly and enables you to sing with the song.

Sometimes users find the lyrics are not showed here, please refer to FAQ if you meet this problem as well.

Equalizer Panel

Using equalizer helps to modify the sound effect of audio files. You can either customize the equalizer or choose from various preset effects, which include pop, rock, jazz, classical, etc.

: The equalizer is on, press this button will turn it off.

: The equalizer is off, press this button will turn it on.

: To reset the equalizer.

: To choose from preset and customized effects.

: Drag the slider to adjust the ratio between left and right audio channels.

: Drag the slider to adjust the surround sound effects.

: Drag the slider to adjust the sound effect of audio files. Positive numbers indicate enhanced sound effect, negative numbers indicate reduced sound effect. It is not recommended to enhance sound effect, since it may cause signal distortion.

: Drag the slider to enhance or reduce wave bands. The parameters from left to right represent: 31kHz, 62kHz, 125kHz, 250kHz, 500kHz, 1000kHz, 2000kHz, 4000kHz, 8000kHz, and 16000kHz.

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