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Help Translating CometPlayer

As the users of CometPlayer are worldwide and speak different languages, developers of CometPlayer are not capable to provide every kind of language that users speak, hence the BBComet Translation Center is created as a platform for our users to help translating CometPlayer in two ways: online and offline.

Translate CometPlayer Online in BBComet Translation Center

Please refer to the next section for off-line translation.

  1. Register/login your account at first and then continue.

  2. Open CometPlayer translation project in BBComet.

  3. Click on the language you'd like to translate.

  4. Click on the .po file to start editing, or upload your own .po file.

  5. Enter your new translation in the form and then click on the suggest or submit button. The translations you suggest or submit will be saved in BBComet and merged in the next version of MPCStar.

Translate CometPlayer Offline in BBComet Translation Center

1. Download and install Poedit:

  • Original version (
  • Modified version (download) with the following improvements:
    • Unix: fixed crash with Zemberek spell-checker backend installed
    • fixed parsing of catalogs produced with xgettext –indent
    • fixed TM updating broken in 1.3.5
    • support GNOME's xml2po file references
    • fixed handling of “%” in filenames
    • added more translations: Vietnamese (Trần Ngọc Quân) and Uzbek (Oybek Djuraev)

2. Download the language file for a particular language from BBComet.

3. Open the language file with Poedit.

4. The translation can be verified by copy and paste the language file to the “lang” subfolder of CometPlayer, and switch to that language by right-clicking the player panel, and select the language from Language in the pop-up menu.

5. The PO file can then be uploaded to BBComet after verification.

6. The translation will be uploaded to BBComet and appear in the next version of CometPlayer.

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