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What is CometPlayer

CometPlayer is an audio player, it supports nearly all popular audio formats, such as mp3, mpa, mp2, wma, ogg, flac, ape, wav, etc.

It is simple in interface, easy to use, and highly personalizable.

Main Features

Lyrics Display
While CometPlayer plays your song, it automatically searches lyrics from internet and display them on the lyrics panel.

Playlist Creation
Create playlist according to your favor, categorize the songs and create your own billboards.

Equalizer Control
Want proper rock n‘ roll? Long to hear purer vocal? The equalizer can help.

Hotkeys Customization
Not such a fan of the mouse? Set your preferred hotkeys and handle all functions with your fingertips.

Skin Selection
You can choose your favourite CometPlayer skin.

Album Cover Design
Choose your favorite picture as the album cover; improve your auditory experience with visual joy.

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