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-===== Help Translating CometPlayer ===== 
-As the users of CometPlayer are worldwide and speak different languages, developers of CometPlayer are not capable to provide every kind of language that users speak, hence the [[http://​​projects/​cometplayer|BBComet Translation Center]] is created as a platform for our users to help translating CometPlayer in two ways: online and offline. ​ 
-==== Translate CometPlayer Online in BBComet Translation Center ==== 
-Please refer to the [[help_translating_cometplayer#​translate_cometplayer_offline_in_bbcomet_translation_center|next section]] for off-line translation. ​ 
-  - Register/​login your account at first and then continue.\\ {{:​trans_04.png|}}\\ <​html><​br /></​html>​ 
-  - Open CometPlayer translation project in BBComet.\\ {{:​trans_05.png|}}\\ <​html><​br /></​html> ​ 
-  - Click on the language you'd like to translate.\\ {{:​trans_06a.png|}}\\ <​html><​br /></​html> ​ 
-  - Click on the .po file to start editing, or upload your own .po file.\\ {{:​trans_07.png|}}\\ <​html><​br /></​html> ​ 
-  - Enter your new translation in the form and then click on the **suggest** or **submit** button. The translations you suggest or submit will be saved in BBComet and merged in the next version of MPCStar.\\ {{:​trans_08.png|}} 
-==== Translate CometPlayer Offline in BBComet Translation Center ==== 
-**1.** Download and install Poedit: 
-  * Original version ( 
-  * Modified version ([[http://​​poedit/​poedit-1.4.6-setup.exe|download]]) with the following improvements:​ 
-    * Unix: fixed crash with Zemberek spell-checker backend installed ​ 
-    * fixed parsing of catalogs produced with xgettext --indent 
-    * fixed TM updating broken in 1.3.5  
-    * support GNOME'​s xml2po file references ​ 
-    * fixed handling of "​%"​ in filenames ​ 
-    * added more translations:​ Vietnamese (Trần Ngọc Quân) and Uzbek (Oybek Djuraev) 
-**2.** Download the language file for a particular language from BBComet.\\ {{:​trans_09.png|}} 
-**3.** Open the language file with Poedit.\\ {{:​trans_10.png|}} 
-**4.** The translation can be verified by copy and paste the language file to the “lang” subfolder of CometPlayer,​ and switch to that language by right-clicking the player panel, and select the language from **Language** in the pop-up menu.\\ {{:​cp_trans_12.png|}} 
-**5.** The PO file can then be uploaded to BBComet after verification.\\ {{:​trans_11.png|}} 
-**6.** The translation will be uploaded to BBComet and appear in the next version of CometPlayer. ​ 
-- [[frequently_asked_questions|Next Page]] 
-- [[start|Main Index]] ​ 
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